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The Development of Language BookThe Development of Language, 8th Edition
    Combining the contributions of experts and highly-respected researchers, the eighth edition of Language Development offers a definitive exploration of language acquisition and development from infancy through adulthood.
Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, it examines what we know about language development—addressing communication development in infancy, phonological development, semantic development, morphology and syntax. Broadening the scope of study, it puts language development into larger biological, social and cultural contexts, while investigating individual differences, atypical development, literacy and even language development in adults.


Designed for introductory undergraduate courses in psycholinguistics, this textbook is written in an easygoing manner which is neither too technical or intimidating to the beginning student. The text does not assume extensive background in linguistics, psychology or cognitive science, and includes all major extensions of the field. The collaborative authorship of eminent psycholinguists Berko Gleason and Bernstein Ratner assures the best possible coverage of these diverse topics. Features: * Chapter 2 has updated popular coverage of brain imaging and language processing. * Chapters 6 and 7 illustrate the dynamics of understanding language in context and the process of generating sentences. * The instructor’s manual includes exercises, instructional activities, and handouts which demonstrate important material in the text. * The accompanying audio stimulus tape provides examples of difficult concepts such as speech intelligibility, categorical perception, click location and memory for words and sentences to encourage class participation.

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